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Investing in Florida? Building Homes and Opportunities for Investors

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Welcome to Our journey,

where a passion for real estate, brotherhood, and a shared dream have paved the way for our story. It all began in 2010, when one of the three brothers took the first step into the real estate industry as a Real Estate agent, setting the foundation for what would become a remarkable venture. Little did we know that this journey would lead us to the creation of AMA Builders, a legacy born in honor of our late mother, Angela Maria...


Single Family Homes

Investor-focused residential construction service is designed to maximize returns through strategic project management. We prioritize efficient timelines and cost-effectiveness to ensure your investment yields optimal results.


Years of experience in Real Estate


Single Family Homes Built and Counting!


Homes Renovated


Small Multi Families & Land Development

Our expertise extends to crafting small multifamily residences that offer efficient living solutions with a focus on investor returns. These properties are strategically designed to enhance rental income and overall profitability.

Efficient Design

Crafted to optimize space for increased rentability, contributing to a steady and reliable stream of rental income.


Whether for rental income or resale value, our small multifamily constructions offer versatility to meet various investment goals.

In summary, our investor-centric residential construction services prioritize strategic timelines, cost-effectiveness, and market appeal. Whether you're investing in single-family homes or exploring the benefits of small multifamily living, AMA Builders is your dedicated partner in maximizing the return on your real estate investments.

– Quality – Compliance – Honesty – Transparency 

– Quality – Compliance – Honesty – Transparency 

– Quality – Compliance – Honesty – Transparency 

– Quality – Compliance – Honesty – Transparency 

– Quality – Compliance – Honesty – Transparency 


Our Models

Our home models are named after orchids, the national flower of Colombia, the birthplace of Ama Builders' founders. This nod to our roots celebrates the grace and resilience embodied by orchids in every uniquely designed home.

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Contact Us 

Contact Us 

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